Siegfried Fischbacher – Death, Roy Horn & Facts

Siegfried Fischbacher was one-half of the performing duo Siegfried and Roy.

Who Was Siegfried Fischbacher?

In 1957, while working as a steward on an ocean liner, Siegfried Fischbacher met Roy Horn. The pair put together a magic act and eventually made it to Las Vegas, where they performed for more than 30 years. In October 2003, one of the show’s tigers attacked Horn during a performance, leaving him in critical condition. Siegfried and Roy officially retired from show business after a final performance in 2010.

Early Life

Fischbacher was born on June 13, 1939, in Rosenheim, Germany. From a young age, Fischbacher was drawn to the world of magic, and would spend hours practicing tricks out of a book for his family.

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